How to use a handful of clear rules to lose weight in the long term without falling victim to the yo-yo effect.

Nutrition coach Mag. Helmut Peganz is giving away his book for a limited time!

(Including nutrition plan)

Without sport, without hunger pangs, without quackery, without injections, capsules or pills.

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Experience report Mirijana
Experience report of the program participant Kerstin
Report from the program participant Marcella.  She has lost 8kg and has already developed new habits.

A given book? And what's the catch, please?

A good dose of skepticism is not a bad thing. After all, there is a lot of nonsense on the Internet.

But no fear. Me and my Always Slim weight loss program have been around for several years. I also worked with a real scientist . Dr. Michael Baron is a biochemist , has taught at a top UK university (UCL) for several years and has no patience for methods that are not scientifically proven (believe me, we argue a lot).

I myself was seriously overweight all my life and with my maximum weight of 175.5kg even morbidly obese and sick. That despite (or rather as a “thank you”) countless diets and regular exercise program.

  • With this book I would like to share my path to success with you.
  • I want to dispel the cliché that the fat people are simply weak-willed and lazy.
  • I would like to thwart the food industry a little.
  • And of course I would like to introduce myself to you with the book.

What is Always Slim by the Five Commandments?

  • It's  NOT  the next fashion diet.
  • It does NOT  promise you  that you will lose 5kg in a week.
  • The book is NOT  trying to convince you  that it will only work with a bunch of supplements and vitamins (of its own brand, of course).
  • It is also  NOT a hack with appetite suppressants, lipase inhibitors or even complete quackery like HCG injections.
  • The book is  scientifically based , but  NOT a  thousand-page specialist book. The basics are simply explained so that you can see the connections.

For whom is the book?

  • This book is for those who have had enough of the diet yo-yo. For those who gain weight again after a diet.
  • This book is for all those who have kicked their feet every day while exercising in the fitness center or on the country road and still have no success.
  • This book is for those who are struggling to control themselves in today's ubiquitous temptation environment.
  • This book is for all those who finally want to give up the bacon rolls and lose weight in a healthy way.

I am giving you the book,
you are only helping with the logistics costs!

Always slim through five commandments pages

What you will learn

  • What modern foods - like pizza, cookies and cakes - have in common with cocaine and heroin.
  • Sugar and flour are highly refined products
  • The combination of sugar, fat and salt overactivates parts of our brain that are responsible for learning behavior.
  • Why you can't just rely on your willpower to lose weight.
  • How to permanently escape the diet yo-yo through routines and a flexible eating plan.
  • Why exercise is not essential for losing weight and can even be counterproductive.
  • Why a disturbed hormone balance not only leads to an inevitable increase in appetite, but also to serious secondary diseases.
  • Why it is easier to follow strict rules in the long run than to make regular exceptions.
  • Why preparation, planning and developing routines are important pillars for a permanently slim life.
  • How the most successful buyers behave at target weight.

Complete nutrition plan

  • Without capsules, pills, or "major" supplements.
  • Instead of prescribing strict recipes and an eternal uniformity that no one can endure permanently, there is room for flexibility and experimentation.
  • The nutrition plan is based on the experience, knowledge and wisdom of thousands of overweight people who have lost weight.
  • A detailed plan for both the weight loss phase and weight maintenance at the desired weight.
  • The meals are designed to make us full and to normalize our energy metabolism again.
  • Simple system for portion control without counting calories.

About the author: Mag. Helmut Peganz

For a long time, I was successful first in marketing and later in financing innovative companies. Several times in my life I was overweight: as a child in elementary school I was fed fat by my aunt, later the stress of work and my ignorance were responsible ...

Give me a diet and I am sure that I have tried it. Juice fasting, cabbage soup, FX Mayr, Ornish, Atkins, 3 phases, 2 phases, food combining, ... once even more than 30 days of zero diet.

Always accompanied by sport. As my joints allowed, I ran for an hour a day. Later swim 1½ hours a day. Because we fat people don't move enough.

Helmut with maximum weight

Und so habe ich mich auf morbid-adipöse 175,5kg hinauf “gefastet” (BMI 54,8). Der Jo-Jo-Effekt war mein stetiger Begleiter.

Ich kenne die Stigmatisierung der Dicken nur zu gut. Bei einem Einstellungsgespräch war mir nach einem Blick des Interviewers auf meinen Bauch schon klar: Den Job bekomme ich sicher nicht. Bei einem Tauchurlaub kamen die Scherze: “Geht das Boot jetzt unter?”.

Auch die Nebenerkrankungen sind mir nicht fremd. Ich hatte Typ 2 Diabetes und wäre fast an einer eigentlich harmlosen Fußinfektion gestorben.

Helmut Peganz lost a massive 75kg in 8 months.

Today I know how to lose weight effectively and in the long term. I lost 75kg within 8 months without exercising or agonizing, never-ending hunger. Without taking any appetite suppressants, supplements or other pills and capsules.

Therefore, with the help of Dr. Baron wrote a book. Based on scientific facts, explained to the general public.

One thing can tell you: it is not our own fault . We just don't know a lot about weight loss (and there is a lot that science doesn't know yet). If you can tell my colleague, Dr. Michael Baron, if you ask, he will also claim that most of the weight loss industry has little idea.

Report of the program participant Mirijam.  She has lost more than 10kg.
Experience report from program participant Svenja.  She has lost 11kg.

Limited action! Good things also come to an end.

For the time being, I only had a small number of books printed, which I am giving away. When they are all sent, this promotion is over.

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